Helping companies offset carbon emissions and reach sustainability goals

Carbon Offset Natural Gas

Environmentally-conscious businesses can purchase carbon offset natural gas from Innova to support greenhouse gas reduction projects needed to offset emissions created by your natural gas usage and help you reach voluntary sustainability goals. For example, greenhouse gas reduction projects at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, or agricultural waste digesters not only prevents the release of methane gas into the atmosphere, they also use the captured methane to displace fossil fuels such diesel, gasoline or natural gas.

Carbon offsets will be bundled with natural gas supply to essentially “neutralize” the carbon emissions from the atmosphere that is associated with your natural gas usage. We will procure verified carbon offsets from 3rd party certified organizations to ensure the integrity of each greenhouse gas reduction project. EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator is used to calculate your CO2 emissions equivalents and Innova will purchase the appropriate quantity of carbon offsets to achieve your sustainability goal.

With carbon offset natural gas:

  • Businesses can reduce up to 100% of its carbon emissions
  • Support North American or international sustainable projects
  • Position itself as a sustainable leader
  • Meet “green” supply chain initiatives
  • Generate environmental goodwill with your stakeholders


Innova can be your strategic partner working to successfully navigate you through the dynamic natural gas industry. We take a fresh look at your delivery requirements and asset portfolio, analyzing contract pathways, alternative supply sources, and seasonal purchasing strategies to determine prudent next steps.


Innova’s management team has over 25 years’ experience in the natural gas industry serving utility systems and industrial companies. From optimizing natural gas storage and transportation assets, analyzing AMA deal structures to helping customers actively manage their day-to-day load requirements, we have the experience needed to act as an extension for your natural gas department.

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