Our team, with over 25 years experience, can address every aspect of your renewable natural gas project

RNG Development

RNG is a domestic energy source that can be captured from wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and large agricultural farms. Innova’s team actively manages renewable natural gas (RNG) from the source to pipeline injection to end-user markets. We can help utilities and industrial companies identify RNG sources and capture environmental value. Our team’s fully integrated experience addresses RNG from source through gas processing, pipeline injection, physical balancing, delivery to end-user markets, deal structuring, and compliance.

Innova can help farming operations evaluate their on-site, potential RNG assets to determine the feasibility of RNG development.

Innova is prepared to assist with permitting, site development, construction, interconnect agreements, project registration, physical movement and balancing of RNG, RNG delivery to end-users, regulatory compliance, and monetization of RNG with obligated parties or voluntary buyers to help our customers realize maximum values for their RNG project.

Services range from:

  • Modeling of project development and value
  • Municipal RNG sources (landfills, waste water plants)
  • Agricultural RNG sources (dairy, swine, poultry)
  • Interconnect contract negotiations
  • RNG supply management and balancing
  • Contract/Deal structuring
  • Delivering RNG to end-use markets
  • Monetization of RNG
  • Regulatory program compliance

Innova’s Role: Cradle-to-Grave after the flange…

  • Facilitate interconnect agreement with commercial distribution system
  • Registration with EPA (serve as the RIN Generator)
  • Pathway approval
  • Purchasing RNG
  • RNG transport and underground storage
  • Off-take agreements for RNG
  • Credit generation & monetization
  • Administration of regulatory program compliance


Simplified Flow Chart of RNG Project

RNG Development Process

Carbon Offset

Carbon offsets will be bundled with natural gas supply to essentially “neutralize” your carbon emissions.

RIN Consulting

Innova is active in the EPA RFS2 RINs market and we have the experience to provide Cradle-to-Grave responsibilities after the flange

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